Wednesday, 5 December 2012

English Proverbs.

1) A bird in the hand                                                                                      a) than words

2) Many hands                                                                                                b) catches the worm

3) Absence                                                                                                    c) out of mind

4) The early bird                                                                                              d) makes the heart grow fonder

5) Red night, shepherd’s delight,                                                                   e) is a friend indeed

6) Out of sight,                                                                                               f) is good news

7) Too many cooks                                                                                          g) better never late

8) A friend, in need,                                                                                       h) is worth two in the bush

9) Empty vessels                                                                                             i) spoil the broth

10) Where there’s a will,                                                                                 j) lie

11) No news                                                                                                    k) make light work

12) Deeds are better                                                                                        l) make most noise

13) Better late than never,                                                                              m) red morning, shepherd’s warning

14) Let sleeping dogs                                                                                      n) there’s a way

I      If you really want something, you can get it.

II     A weather prediction

III    Something you have got for sure is better than something more valuable that you may or may not get.

IV   The more people contribute their effort, the easier the job is.

V    If you don’t see somebody for a long time, you begin to forget about them.

VI    People contact you when they are in need. If they don’t, it’s because everything’s alright.

VII   If nobody disturbs you, don’t disturb anybody

VIII  People who don’t know what they are talking about usually speak more than anybody else.

IX    Do things as soon as possible. If not, you may miss the opportunity.

X     If someone is away for a long time, you miss them and forget their faults

XI   You know who your real friends are when you are in trouble

XII  Do it now if you can, but if you can’t, do it as soon as possible

XIII Stop talking and do something.

XIV If a lot of people work on the same job, their opinions can clash, and the results are not usually good.


1 h  III
2 k  IV
3 d  X
4 b  IX
5 m  II
6 c   V
7 i  XIV
8 e  XI
9 l  VIII
10  n  I
11 f  VI
12 a  XIII
13  g  XII
14  j  VII