Saturday, 1 December 2012

Exercise- The Simple Past & Past Continuous Tense

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Put in the correct Simple Past or Past Continuous tense of the verb in brackets.
1.  When I (arrive), the doctor (attend) to a patient.
    When I arrived, the doctor was attending  to a patient.

2.  The man (clean) his pistol when it accidentally (go) off and (kill) him.
3.  The traffic policeman (stop) him because he (speed).
4.  When I (come) in, Karen (discuss) a problem with a friend. She (break) off that   discussion and (invite) me to sit down.
5.  She (not allow) to swim yesterday because a strong wind (blow) and the sea (be) rough.
6.  I (search) for my friend when I (see) him among a crowd of girls. He (talk) to them and 
     (wave) his arms about.
7.  The burglar (open) the door of the safe when he (hear) foot-steps.
8.  I (have) my dinner when news of a prisoner’s escape (broadcast) over the radio. A reward of a thousand ringgits (offer) for his recapture.
9.  As I (drive) along the coast road, I (notice) many yachts out at sea. They (sail) towards the bay.
10. I (paint) a landscape when I (interrupt) by a stranger. He (ask) me what I (paint).
11. When I (arrive) at the cinema, Roy (wait) for me. As soon as he (see) me, he (wave) and (shout) something but I (can’t) catch what he (say) because everyone (make) so much noise.
12. I (walk) across the field while a football match was in progress. I (not know) the ball (come) in my direction until it (be) too late.
13. While I (stay) with my uncle in Pangkor Island. I often (accompany) him on his fishing trips.
14. The film (show) when we (enter) the cinema. As we (try) to find the way to our seats, the usher (approach) us and kindly (show) us the way with his torch.
15. It (rain) while we (wait) for the bus. Lightning (streak) across the sky and thunder (rumble).
16. The headmaster (catch) the boy who (smoke) in the toilet. 


  1. Assalammualaikum wbt Cikgu.
    Semoga ceria selalu. Tahniah yea blog yang menarik dan berinformasi ini. Teruskan cikgu. Sudilah melayari blog saya pula di Terima kasih cikgu :)

  2. wah...bestnya kak Nini punya aktiviti...boleh le Gee ambik buat contoh...

  3. Lots of useful activities. Good effort.